Bhole Tera Chela Lyrics

Bhole Tera Chela Lyrics – Vishvajeet Choudhary

Bhole Tera Chela Lyrics By Vishvajeet Choudhary Is Recently Released Haryanvi Song Is Featuring In This Ashok Mundlia. The Music Given By Its Sandeep Pichopia While Bhole Tera Chela Lyrics Are Written By Naveen Vishu Baba & Parhlad Phagna Beautifully Complements The Emotional Depth Of The Song. Stay Tuned To Explore The Lyrical Depth Of “Bhole Tera Chela” Exclusively On Studio Doctorz Youtube Channel.

Bhole Tera Chela Lyrics

Ho nashe pate ka aadi konya
Nasha Kudarati aakhya mein
Bhole tera chela lakhha mein
Rad ke kya ki aakhya mein
Bhole tera chela lakho mein
Rad ke kya ki aakhya mein

Teri dhaal burai te mane ladna pad ja se
Sachi baat pe bhagat tere main adna pad ja se
Teri dhal buraai pe mane ladna pad Jaa se
Re sachi baat pe bhakt tere arna pad ja se

Jigara thada diya tane re
Jor ghana se pakha me
Bhole tera chela lakhha mein
Rad ke kya ki aakh Mein
Bhole tera chela lakho me
Rad ke kya ki aakhya mein

O bhakt tera sun bhole khoon ubal ja se
Tere naam naam jud pache kati rob sa ban Jaa se
Rore ansh tera su bhole jab khoon ubal bad
Tere naam naam jud pache kati rob sa ban jaa se

Pralad phagna naveen vishu bahtt
Dam raakh na nakhaa mein
Bhole tera chela lakhha mein
Rad Ke kya ki aakh mein
Bhole tera chela lakhon mein
Rad ke kya ki aakhya mein.

Bhole Tera Chela Song Credits

SongBhole Tera Chela
SingerVishvajeet Choudhary
FeaturingAshok Mundlia
MusicSandeep Pichopia
LyricsNaveen Vishu Baba & Parhlad Phagna
LableStudio Doctorz

LyricsEmber FAQs

Who is the singer of the song “Bhole Tera Chela”?
The song “Bhole Tera Chela” is sung by the talented Vishvajeet Choudhary.

Who composed the music for “Bhole Tera Chela”?
the music for “Bhole Tera Chela” are composed by Its Sandeep Pichopia.

Who wrote the lyrics for “Bhole Tera Chela”?
The lyrics for “Bhole Tera Chela” are penned by Naveen Vishu Baba & Parhlad Phagna.

Who is the Featuring in the music video of “Bhole Tera Chela”?
Ashok Mundlia Featuring in the music video of “Bhole Tera Chela”.

Which label has released “Bhole Tera Chela“?
“Bhole Tera Chela” is released under the label Studio Doctorz.

Bhole Tera Chela Song About

Dive into the spiritual vibes of “Bhole Tera Chela Lyrics,” a soulful rendition by Vishvajeet Choudhary that resonates with devotion and fervor. With lyrics penned by Naveen Vishu Baba and Parhlad Phagna, the song encapsulates the essence of divine worship and the profound connection with Lord Shiva. Vishvajeet Choudhary’s emotive rendition, coupled with Sandeep Pichopia’s melodious composition, creates an enchanting blend that transports listeners into a realm of spiritual introspection and reverence. Starring Ashok Mundlia, the music video under Studio Doctorz’s label enriches the song’s narrative, delivering a visually captivating experience that complements its uplifting melody.

“Bhole Tera Chela Lyrics” not only celebrates faith but also exemplifies the power of music to evoke deep-seated emotions and connect with the divine. Through its heartfelt lyrics and soul-stirring music, the song serves as a poignant reminder of the spiritual journey and the unwavering devotion towards Lord Shiva. Vishvajeet Choudhary’s rendition is imbued with sincerity, echoing the sentiments of millions who find solace and strength in their devotion. Released under Studio Doctorz, this musical masterpiece promises to touch hearts and inspire a sense of reverence for the divine, making it a must-listen for aficionados of devotional music and spiritual seekers alike.

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