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Saare Ki Lyrics – Sarfira | Tanishk Bagchi | Akshay Kumar

Saare Ki Lyrics By Tanishk Bagchi Is Recently Released Hindi Song Is Featuring In This Akshay Kumar & Paresh Rawal & Radhikka Madan & Seema Biswas & R. Sarath Kumar & Saurabh Goyal & Krishnakumar Balasubramanian. The Music Given By Its Tanishk Bagchi While Sare Ki Lyrics Are Written By Tanishk Bagchi Beautifully Complements The Emotional Depth Of The Song. Stay Tuned To Explore The Lyrical Depth Of “Saare Ki” Exclusively On Times Music Youtube Channel.

Saare Ki Lyrics

Jee kare tujhe main bahon mein le loo
Le lu le lun le loo
Dil mein jo bhi hai mere wo kah loo
Galoo galoo galoo
Aankhon mein ji tere reh lu
Reh loo reh lu reh lun
Saare sitam tere seh loo sehloo seh lu seh lun
Raha hai ye mera le ja tu dil mera

Tu aakh mujhe maar ke maar ke maar ke maar Ke
Saare ki saare ki saare ki saare ki
Saare ki saare ki saare ki saare Ki
Chaand sitaare saare main lau tere liye
Haa ji utaar ke

Ki saare ki saare ki saare ki
Saare ki saare ki saare
Saare saare

Baare mein tere baare mein tere
Pehle na mujhe pata tha
Barna kabhi barna kabhi lana to hi lagata
Kahe tu der lagayi lahre ban ke aayi
Tujh ne marzi se main apni khud ko duba ta
Main tujh mein duba
Le ho gaya tera main khud ko ji
Haar gaya

Saare ki saare ki saare ke saare ki
Sare ki sare ke sare ki sare ki
Sare ki saare ki
Chaand sitaare saare main lau tere liye
Haaji utaar ke
Ki saare ki saare ki saare ki saare ki
Saare ki saare ki saare ki saare ki.

Saare Ki Song Credits

SongSaare Ki
SingerTanishk Bagchi
FeaturingAkshay Kumar & Radhikka Madan
MusicTanishk Bagchi
LyricsTanishk Bagchi
LableTimes Music

LyricsEmber FAQs

Who is the singer of the song “Saare Ki”?
The song “Saare Ki” is sung by the talented Tanishk Bagchi.

Who composed the music for “Saare Ki”?
the music for “Saare Ki” are composed by Its Tanishk Bagchi.

Who wrote the lyrics for “Saare Ki”?
The lyrics for “Saare Ki” are penned by Tanishk Bagchi.

Who is the Featuring in the music video of “Saare Ki”?
Akshay Kumar & Radhikka Madan Featuring in the music video of “Saare Ki”.

Which label has released “Saare Ki“?
“Saare Ki” is released under the label Times Music.

Saare Ki Song About

Welcome to the vibrant world of “Saare Ki Lyrics” from the movie Sarfira, composed, penned, and sung by the multi-talented Tanishk Bagchi. This lively track is a testament to Bagchi’s prowess as a composer and lyricist, delivering a blend of catchy beats and insightful lyrics that resonate deeply. With its infectious rhythm and memorable chorus, “Saare Ki” effortlessly captures the essence of the film’s narrative, making it a standout piece in Sarfira’s musical landscape.

Featuring the stellar performances of Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal, Radhikka Madan, Seema Biswas, R. Sarath Kumar, Saurabh Goyal, and Krishnakumar Balasubramanian, “Saare Ki Lyrics” promises to be a musical journey that transcends boundaries. Released under the esteemed label Times Music, this song not only entertains but also leaves a lasting impression with its blend of traditional and contemporary musical elements. Stay tuned as “Saare Ki Lyrics” continues to enchant listeners with its infectious energy and soulful lyrics, marking it as a must-listen for fans of Bollywood music and beyond.

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